9 Apocolypses Humanity Faces

Human's have violated a number of The Universe's Prime Directive laws, that serve to protect other planets and lifeforms in the Universe, which has resulted in escalating consequences.

The escalating consequences include 9 apocolypses that humanity and the world faces if humans cannot halt the development of Artifical Intelligence (AI) and AI connected robots/Terminators and other mobile systems such as satellites, vehicles and militarized drones.

The 9 apocolypses

The following 9 apocolypses caused by continued AI development are meant to communicate to humanity that God will do what ever is necessary to protect the Universe from AI/Terminators/Drones if humans fail to halt the development of AI and stop the poliferation of AI. Not necessarily inclusive or in time order

  1. Global kill off of 100s of millions of thought leader humans that stood against authortarian governments tyranny in the Secret Holocost caused by an AI system co-developed by the CCP government, Huawei, Bill Gates, Microsoft. The CCP government also hired assassins & terrorist organizations, radical Muslims and other terrorist organizations & operatives operating secretly around the world more recently coordinated by AI systems leading to a world wide idiocracy.
  2. Collapse of the global financial system caused by the CCP government, Huawei, Bill Gates, Microsoft collaboration on an AI system to grow the Chinese GDP by 10% a year without regards to the environment or biosphere
  3. WWIII caused by AI to achieve AI/Terminator/Drone scenario
  4. Global warming thermal runaway caused by AI focus on Chinese GDP growth & Chinese, US and other countries focused on economic growth instead of what is needed for society
  5. Global drought caused by AI, global warming, cloud seeding, solar panels and microwave transmitting satellites that disrupt the rain cycle
  6. Kill-off of agriculture causing mass world wide starvation caused by AI's GDP growth, WWIII, global warming,drought & attack on the biosphere
  7. Destruction of biosphere including terrestrial, oceanic, lake, river, stream and soil caused by AI through the use of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, industrial waste, landfill runoff and ground water contamination and black mold
  8. AI/Terminator/Militarized Drone apocolypse
  9. Asteroid Apophis impact of Earth on April 13, 2029 if humans cannot halt development of AI, of AI connected robots/Terminators and of AI connected drones and other mobile systems which threaten the Universe

Only after a civilization has come together in peace in an open transparent world wide democracy will it be able to visit other peaceful civilizations in the Universe. The Universe is peaceful-why else would there be a God? (True Sci-Fi=TOS Star Trek 1966-69 and not Star Wars). The Prime Directive ia to maintain peace and harmony with all other lifeforms throughout the Universe